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Why do the paint rolling, color swapping, and background color fill seem to not work?

These features sometimes just take time to complete their action. When you use one of these features (especially on larger quilt patterns), your browser may take a moment to complete the fill or color change. Be sure to wait for the page to refresh so you don't interrupt the processing of your color changes. Don't click on anything until the page refreshes.

How do I save my patterns?

Your patterns save automatically. Any time you change a dimension or color in a square, the website automatically updates your pattern for you. This way users don't have to worry about losing a lot of design work by forgetting to click a "Save" button when they're done.

Why aren't there more colors, or the colors I need?

The colors are really only meant to act as placeholders for the patterns users make. In fact, the number of fabrics with patterns (like teddy bears or race cars or Halloween themes or Christmas themes or...and the list goes on) is virtually infinite, so you may end up using "Halloween Witches and Pumpkins" fabric but just selecting "orange" in the color palatte to represent this fabric.

The names of the colors are as close of representations as we could find for each, though some colors are certainly open to perspectives (some may see "plum" where others see "eggplant"), and there are only so many shades of "aqua" you can list (light aqua, dark aqua, medium-dark-shadowy aqua, metallic-sheen-with-a-hint-of-seafoam aqua, etc.). If a color is completely wrong (like we have a shade of green labeled as "hot pink"), let us know and we can fix it. But "TARDIS blue" probably won't change...

Why is the site calculating my Materials List incorrectly?

There are a number of measurements factored into the amount of material needed for a quilt pattern, so knowing how those numbers work is important.

The overall Quilt Size can vary slightly depending on chosen quilt size and Square Size. If you want 5 inch squares on a quilt that is 6' by 8' in size, your quilt will actually only be 5'10" by 7'8" because 5 inches doesn't evenly divide into 6 and 8 feet. (The binding may then add to the dimensions, making your quilt larger than the intended 6' by 8' dimensions.)

Square Size is how big you want the squares to be after they are sewn together; so, the Seam Allowance will be added to the Square Size to get the full size of the piece of fabric used in the Materials List calculations for how much fabric to buy. For example, if you already have fabric that is a certain size (like 5-inch squares from a Charm Pack), you'll want to set your square size to 4.5 inches to allow for a 1/4 inch Seam Allowance on all sides. Or, if you want your squares to measure 5 inches on your finished quilt and you use a 1/4 inch Seam Allowance, you will enter those two dimensions on the website, which will automatically calculate your squares to be 5.5 inches, and calculate your materials list accordingly.

Why is "solid block" the only Square Type available for making patterns?

Squares (and rectangles) are the easiest to program and display on a computer page, so we thought we'd start with simple. Eventually we might try triangles or log cabins as the quilt segments, but we thought we'd see how the current system works first, and see if there's an interest in other square types.

Why isn't the site emailing / texting me my password / pattern?

Sometimes the internet ponies just aren't that fast in sending emails out, so it's possible that there's simply a delay in the delivery of the email. If an email takes longer than a few hours to arrive, your email provider may have spam blockers set up, so you might try checking your spam folder. If it still doesn't show up, let us know what's happening and we'll try to sort things out.

Texting is a different story. Some cell providers simply don't offer the ability to send texts from a website. Others could have programming in place to send texts, but still might not work how we want them to. If texting from the site to your phone doesn't work, there's probably not much we can do about that - there's only so much code cell providers offer to allow for this functionality, so if it doesn't work, there really aren't other options.

Why can't I log in to the site or create an account?

The site uses JavaScript cookies to maintain user information for logged-in users. If you can't log in to your account, if you don't get logged in when you create an account, or if you're unable to create an account, you may need to enable cookies in your internet browser. Here are some links to instructions for enabling cookies for different browsers:
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Why don't patterns load, and I can't make a new one?

The site uses JavaScript to create your quilting patterns. Most browsers have JavaScript enabled by default, but if no features on the site are working, it's possible your browser has disabled JavaScript. Here are some links to instructions for enabling JavaScript for different browsers:
Apple Safari Google Chrome Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Opera

What browser works best with the site?

The site was designed and tested in Google Chrome, so all of the site features should work 100% reliably in Chrome. However, the programming on the site is standard, so all other major browsers should work just fine too. (Though for some reason Microsoft Internet Explorer displays quilt thumbnails darker than the actual patterns, and has a few other quirks, so we recommend using something other than Internet Explorer.)
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